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Hello, Speak Up London friends. It’s time for our Thursday article, and today, on the occasion of World Compliment Day (1st March), we’re going to be talking about the importance of compliments in any kind of relationship.


Compliments are essential elements in healthy relationships, and can strengthen any bond. Just think about it for a moment, how do you feel when people pay you a compliment? Doesn’t it make you feel appreciated, special even? Well, that’s exactly why paying compliments is an important social practice. So not only can they strengthen relationships and show your interest towards someone else, but it also motivates the person to whom the compliment is paid. In fact, that person is likely to repeat the action and pass it on by complimenting someone else.

This practice is as useful in working relationship as in personal ones. As we’ve already mentioned, paying someone a compliment shows the receiver that they have been appreciated and that their merit has been acknowledged. In a working environment, this means that the receiver will be glad to know that their hard work and effort has been noticed and that this might work as an incentive to keep working hard, this time with a smile (or a bigger smile) on their face.


Another great effect of paying a compliment to someone is the ability of this simple action to bring people together, building trust. Especially when the atmosphere around you is not too warm, being able to make the right compliment might improve the situation, building a bridge between you and the person to whom the compliment is addressed.


It is important to remember that lying or saying things you actually don’t believe, won’t have the same effect. In fact, compliments need to be based on the truth in order to recreate that bonding experience which can lead to brighter outcomes. Even though this might be considered common sense, we’d like to highlight it, because being sincere is important, too.

In conclusion, our team would like to invite you to spend some time appreciating the people around you. It might seem like a small gesture, but the effect is way bigger. Complimenting the people around you is a sign of respect, appreciation and understanding. Celebrate the World Compliment Day every day: being kind, nice and complimentary is awesome.

Maria Chiara Strano


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