Speak Up London provides our students with the opportunity to form friendships with people from all over the world while sharing the experience of living and learning in London. We enable our students to achieve personal, academic and business success through the enhancement of their knowledge of English.

Our language school promotes academic excellence through our teaching and learning. We want to help our students improve their English by providing rich and engaging educational experiences and challenges with the support of our talented and trained team, in a safe and caring environment,  and using a variety of teaching methods.
We want to help our students to develop their cognitive skills to think critically and creatively, to evaluate information, and to collaborate with staff and other students in order to assess their own progress.

Why choose Speak Up London?

We are accredited by the major bodies

Central London location

Our flexible timetable works with busy lifestyles


Our Accreditations

Accreditation means that we have been assessed against internationally recognised standards and are operating to the highest levels of quality and service – providing further assurance that the courses we deliver are both of high quality and valuable to your learning experience.

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