Why you shouldn’t pay for followers on Social Media

Feb 22, 2017 Business

Hello, Speak Up London followers! We’re back with one of your beloved blog articles. Today, we will be talking about a really common issue among social media users and businesses, hoping that this post might open your eyes and/or give you useful insights for your social media strategy. Let’s cut to the chase: is buying social media followers a good social media strategy? If the answer wasn’t clear enough from the title of our article, we will reiterate it for you: no, you shouldn’t pay for followers.


There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t pay for followers, but we will highlight the main ones. Let’s start by analysing the action per se. Why do “social media expert wannabes” buy followers? Having thousands of followers on our webpages looks good, it can’t be denied. But the reality is that if those numbers haven’t been fairly earned, they are just good for the ego of the person who paid for them. Why so? Because the majority of those “likes” come from fake accounts, which means that there won’t be people behind those names willing to engage with the content you create and, more importantly for businesses, they are not a realistic reflection of your target market.


As Dave Ken stated on SocialMediaToday.com, “A high engagement rate means that the potential reach of your brand is much greater. Instead of worrying about trying to get more people to like your page, you should work harder on trying to get them to engage with your content more on Facebook”. Therefore, for social media platforms like Facebook, paying for followers can jeopardise your social media strategy, not only because those followers aren’t engaged with your content (being fake fans, they don’t talk about your brand nor share your content) but also because the direct consequence of the low rate of engagement is that Facebook algorithm will allow fewer of your posts to reach your followers. Then, if you rightfully want to pay for an ad to reach your followers, you’ll be wasting your money since you’ll have to pay for more ads because of the fake followers you bought. Those followers won’t translate into a positive outcome for your business, since that number on the platform is only an illusion.


It is a must to add that buying followers is not ethical, it can lead to a bad reputation, and it doesn’t help your business in the long term, since not “gaining” those followers deprives you of the right experience needed to get to know your audience and achieve better results in the future.


In conclusion, after having tried to acknowledge this deep truth about social media, we would like to share some words with you – our loyal, friendly and real 20,000 followers, who appreciate our content everyday and add value to our work. Thank you very much to you all, we respect and value your help in making our family grow everyday.


Maria Chiara Strano

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