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Beyond the taste of Pistachios

Hello, Speak Up London students. Since it’s World Pistachio Day on 26th February, today we’re going to talk about one of our favourite nuts – the humble pistachio. Well, let’s start by saying that they’re delicious. Ok, that might be stating the obvious. But is it just their irresistible taste that makes them so popular? To understand that, we need to know a little bit more about this delicious green seed, pistachio.

Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that among ancient peoples the pistachio was a common food, which was first found in Syria and then later introduced into Roman territories in Europe by the Roman proconsul Lucius Vitellius the Elder. Since then pistachio seeds have been cultivated in an increasing number of countries from the US to China. What drove so many civilizations to engage in the cultivation of pistachios? Have we mentioned their irresistible taste?

According to several researchers, the benefits brought by this seed are numerous. Pistachio is considered one of the nuts whose consumption in certain doses may lower the risk of heart disease. Also, in terms of managing your weight, pistachios are the best choice among nuts, due to their low calories and high protein. Another benefit of the pistachio is its antioxidant properties that can work as a defense against diabetes. What’s more, its antioxidants also work in helping to reduce the risk of contracting the age-related macular disease in the elderly.

And if that isn’t enough, we would like to add to pistachios’ benefits the fact that, when consumed in certain doses, it boosts our immunity, helps us maintain a healthy brain and they have anti-inflammation properties. So, dear students, it is clear that is more than enough reasons to explain the success and popularity of this incredible edible seed. Now, having acknowledged the properties and the benefits of pistachio, we can’t do anything but enjoy eating some, as part of a balanced diet (of course).