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Nature: the kind of green that heals us.

Hey there, Speak Up Londoners. Do you remember the time when with our blog articles we tried to improve the quality of our readers’ lives by sharing informative bits with them? Of course you remember, we do it every week! Today we will be talking about nature and its beneficial impact on our wellbeing.


Although the cities we live in are mainly made of concrete, our inner us will always try to connect with the nature in the outside world, because – hold on for the revelation – nature is good for us.


Let’s make one of our beloved lists to discover how much your body and mind can benefit from staying in contact with the sometimes forgotten mother nature.


  1. According to some researchers, being in contact with nature helps you improve your physical health in multiple ways:
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • It reduces heart rate
  • It reduces muscle tension
  1. If the previous point is not enough to delineate the great gift nature is, we would like to add that nature also has positive consequences for the mind. Among these there are indeed the decrease in negative feelings (like anger) and the increase in positive moods among the people who experience it.
  2. Living a life in connection with nature seems to be correlated with an increase in life satisfaction and happiness.


If on the one hand it is true that appreciating nature is good because of its positive effects on people, on the other hand this practice is also beneficial the other way round. By acknowledging the treasure that nature represents for us, we will pay more attention, and make a bigger effort, to safeguard it.


Therefore, dear and loyal readers, while you are around Hyde Park, Green Park or even just in your backyard taking pictures of grass and flowers in this London summer, remember that that little corner of green is a lot more than just a great pic for Instagram!


Maria Chiara Strano

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