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Scrabble: more than fun

Hey there, Speak Up London folks. Let’s try to picture an image. Let’s imagine a Sunday afternoon. Outside it’s raining. You are with your friends or your family. You don’t feel like going out, instead you would really like to have a cosy afternoon at home. What could you do? Our guess is that you’d play Scrabble!

As today is Scrabble Day, we don’t see a better time to let you know about this incredible board game that saved us from countless empty afternoons. Why do we love it so much? Well… the rules to play aren’t too complicated, even though it’s one of those board games that your smart cousin with impressive vocabulary skills is really good at.

As a matter of fact, scrabble is a game based on ones ability to solve anagrams… or, in other words, to be able to create meaningful and existing words from the bunch of letters chosen randomly. However, this board game, created in 1938, is more than a game. Several pieces of research have in fact shown that there are many benefits of playing around with words.

One of the most obvious benefits is related to how it can benefit you socially. Indeed, people play Scrabble with others, and in doing so they can improve their social skills.

Also, it has been proven that Scrabble enhances young players’ vocabulary skills and their critical and creative thinking. These elements make this game the perfect way to spend your free time with company, and they provide you with the opportunity to think logically. The reason for this is that just thinking about the same letters and how they can create different words can lead to you having different scores just from the position on the board where you place your letters. While you’re doing this, it of course encourages a lot of thinking, which is positive for your brain!

Finally, we have left the most important reason to play this board game to last: Scrabble is incredibly fun. It’s one of the best ways to push yourself to improve while being in a comfortable environment.

Therefore, Don’t miss out on the chance to play this game and to do something good for your brain and for yourself! =) Play Scrabble and become a master of making new words.



Maria Chiara Strano