Moving to London? Some tips to prepare your luggage

Hello, English speakers. During the last few weeks we have given you advice to help you achieve your career goals. Today, instead we are going to speak about less metaphorical journeys. Indeed, since most of you don’t come from London – and are frequent travellers, we thought it would be useful to give you some practical tips to make your life easier. If you have already moved to London you might consider them helpful for your next trip, and if haven’t, this is some great advice to keep in mind before coming to visit us.


  • First thing’s first: make a list. You might not be a list person, but let’s face it, if you don’t make one, the risk of forgetting important items to store in your luggage is high, and there is nothing worse than discovering you have forgotten your lucky jumper right when you need to wear it.
  • Be aware of the length of your stay. We know that you are tempted to bring with you most of the things you own (everything but the kitchen sink), but that doesn’t work. Remember that there is a weight limit to respect, so choose carefully what you really need. Considering the weather forecasts before making your choice might help you to go through this hard choice.
  • When packing, remember to fold your clothes neatly, arranging the heavier fabrics at the bottom. Instead of creating a tall pile made up with all your folded clothes, it would be better to fill in both the sides of the luggage and then firm the content with the strings attached to both the sides. In this way your items won’t crease and you’ll be able to wear ironed clothes even after a long flight.
  • Place your fragile and precious items in the middle of your luggage, in this way there will be several layers of clothes to protect them from impact.
  • Cover the soles of your shoes. This is imperative. There is nothing worse than dirtying your clothes just because you didn’t think about this simple action. You can cover the sole of your shoes with papers or plastic bags. Use something “easy to shape”, this way you won’t waste useful room inside the luggage
  • Pay attention to your liquids: seal them! It is obvious that you have to seal your bottles but, as always in life, attention to detail makes a huge difference. If you cover your bottles with plastic envelopes (the ones you can seal) your probability of success will increase exponentially. More importantly, your clothes will be safe from stains.
  • Once arrived, place your items outside your luggage. Use wardrobes and dressers: luggage is great to transport your clothes, but there are better places to store them!


Despite the fact that some of these tips might be obvious for some of you, for others they might be the key to less stressful trips and the beginning of an enjoyable stay here in London!


Maria Chiara Strano

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