Evening Classes

For those whose busy working schedule does not allow them to attend classes in the morning and afternoon, Speak Up London has evening courses to help you enhance your English skills. Whether studying for work, university or for personal interest, these courses provide learners with a comprehensive set of practical skills to take directly from the classroom into real-life situations.

Our teachers create dynamic lessons with a variety of activities designed to enhance students:

  • spoken accuracy and fluency
  • reading and listening skills
  • writing skills
  • pronunciation
  • grammar knowledge

Each lesson is an opportunity for cultural exchange and learners build on their understanding of British culture through exposure to everyday language and various authentic resources ranging from film, TV, and video, to newspaper articles, blogs, and music.

Our evening courses are held three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with a two-hour session each lesson. The class runs from 7.10 pm to 9.10 pm* and offers the opportunity to learn English while working or studying full-time.

There are no breaks in the lessons so the number of taught hours per week is 6 hours.

Although the school promotes speaking in English as much as possible, we have multilingual staff available should you need to speak your native language.