World Nutella Day

Feb 3, 2017 Lifestyle, Speak Up Life

Hi Speak Up London friends, we are delighted to inform you that this is a special blog post to celebrate tastiness. Today, February 5th,we are happy to celebrate World Nutella Day with you!

Before talking about the way we celebrated, we should probably explain some of the reasons why it is important to celebrate this event. Dear friends, take a seat, grab a jar of Nutella and read about why we should celebrate World Nutella Day.


Reason 1 

The first reason we should celebrate World Nutella Day stems from the fact that Nutella is a symbol of comfort. Yes, you read it correctly. You might not know it but the forerunner to Nutella was invented by an Italian pastry chef (Pietro Ferrero), who wanted to create a sweet pastry made up with hazelnut and just a bit of cocoa, because there was a scarcity of cocoa following WWII. Therefore, Nutella is a symbol of hope, since with the creation of its forerunner (Giandujot) it helped to restore a feeling of comfort.


Reason 2

Among the reasons that it’s important to celebrate World Nutella Day, is Nutella’s association with the concept of union. An example of how Nutella is able to unify people can be found in an event happened in 2005, when 27,854 people gathered at Gelserkirchen to have a “Nutella breakfast” together. This massive event is a clear example of how the love of Nutella was able to mobilise people, in an era when individualism seems to prevail. It was a record breaking event that even entered the Guinness Book of Records!


Reason 3

Nutella is for most people a synonym for joy. This stems from both its unmistakable flavour and the memories it is able to evoke in us. Did you know that Sara Rosso decided to create World Nutella Day years after her first joyful taste of Nutella to spread that joy in the world? World Nutella Day was launched in 2007 and it has generated a great response around the world. Since that date, thousands of people have regularly shared on social media their happy Nutella moments, making February 5th not only a celebration of the most famous chocolate spread in the world, but also a festivity in honour of its lovers.


Speak Up London Celebration 

In light of what Nutella stands for, the Speak Up London family has decided to take part in World Nutella Day celebrations. To be more specific, some of our students decided to join thousands of other people around the world celebrating Nutella by enjoying Nutella in Soho Square. Our students embody the values that Nutella spreads, and on this note, today we are sharing a picture to show how they feel when they eat Nutella. Spoiler alert: there’s lots of Nutella and, of course, a lot of joy. Happy World Nutella Day to everyone from our Speak Up London family, always ready to spread happiness… this time helped by a sweet friend.


Maria Chiara Strano


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