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Jun 29, 2017 Lifestyle

Hello, dear Speak Up Londoners. We laugh. We joke. We spend time trying to make our loved ones laugh. Why? Because, as we’ve stated in the past, laughing is good for our health and our lives in general. And what is the best way to provoke a laugh? By telling a good joke of course! And what produces more jokes than a good sense of humour? Today, dear Speak Up Londoners we thought to share some interesting facts with you!


Let’s start with the basics then! What is a joke? Well, a joke is something that someone says in order to generate a laugh in public and it is characterized by a particularly funny final sentence – called the punchline.


There are different kinds of jokes, differentiated by theme or structure. Jokes are a display of humour, and as such, they vary deeply in the forms they can have. One particular kind of humour, popular all over the world is British humour.
You have surely heard of it – plus, living in Britain might have given you the chance to hear it. This particularly colourful kind of humour is based on a set of unwritten rules and practices. For instance, some of these practices include the use of devices such as puns, intellectual jokes and innuendos.


If you are not very familiar with these terms we are glad to unveil them for you: puns are plays on words, stemming from terms having multiple meanings or similar sounds. Puns being strictly related with language, their use is specific to the language that generated it. Of course, no need to say, we find them hilarious!

Innuendos, instead, are insinuations regarding a person, aimed to denigrate that person without being rude, through words that taken on their own are innocent.


Among the other defining characteristics for British humour – again, one of our favourite source of jokes – is the theme of self-deprecation and the almost absolute absence of taboos.


Now that we’ve given you a short explanation regarding the most popular form of humour, it’s up to you to become a master at it… or just enjoy it when someone uses it with you! =D =D =D


Maria Chiara Strano




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