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Don’t feel too guilty when you eat your jelly beans!

Eating is one of the best things in life. We know it, and we are pretty sure you know it too. It is not just about tasting those delicious portions of food in our mouths, it is also about the experience of eating. We are pretty sure that the joy of eating comes from what it represents, a break. A moment of rest from all the work, a moment when we can just enjoy some time, not doing other tasks. It’s also a moment linked to a reward, since most of the time, after we have achieved our goal, we tend to go and celebrate with dinner in a nice restaurant.


When eaten in moderation, treats are important parts of our lives, representing more than just a guilty pleasure, but also a moment of indulgence from the strict rules we need to respect. Therefore, nobody will judge you if you end up eating some chocolate while you are on diet (well…maybe your dietician). Let us share a secret with you… everyone has their own guilty pleasure. Yeah, you probably knew that already. What you might not know is that Ronald Reagan was addicted to sweets, in particular Jelly Beans!


Apparently, he started eating Jelly Beans after quitting smoking, and developed a real addiction to them. It is said there was always a jar of jelly beans on his desk, and a special ‘Jelly Bean Machine’ was also installed on the presidential jet! Since then, the popularity of jelly beans has continued to increase, becoming an addiction for a lot of people. The reason this particular sweet is widely appreciated among sweet-eaters might stem from its variety of tastes, and, as many of us know, there is nothing better than having a wider variety of guilty pleasures to indulge in away from our strict diet!


In conclusion, Speak Up London students, whether it’s going to be jelly beans or a chocolate fudge cake, don’t feel too sorry for cheating on your dietician. Once in a while, it is good to reward yourself… and if Ronald Reagan used to be addicted to jelly beans, is it so wrong if you eat some of them after having met that deadline? Indulge and reward yourself peeps, you deserve it!


Maria Chiara Strano