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Procrastination: you can fight it

Hello, Speak Up London students. Today’s article is going to help you in any aspect of your life. Indeed, whether you are working, studying, or simply trying to get things done, procrastination is always there, waiting behind the corner. Though, you shouldn’t consider procrastination a synonym for laziness. In fact, in many cases, people who procrastinate are only perfectionists waiting for the best moment to act. Breaking news: perfect moments don’t exist. So, my dear perfectionists here are some tips to help you overcome this overwhelming issue.


  • Let’s start by the first tip, make a list. This particular action will help you be aware of the things you have to do. Don’t let your list overwhelm you! Visualising is the first step towards the completion of your tasks.
  • Now that you have visualised your to do list, prioritise. We suggest you rate each element of your list according to two parameters: urgency and importance.
  • After having rated and divided your list, it’s time to prepare a plan. How much time do you have? Be aware that even though planning can help you get through difficult tasks; sometimes it is really difficult to meet your expectations in terms of time. Therefore, our timeless tip is: set an earlier deadline, in the best case scenario you will gain some time, in the worst case scenario you will still have time to work before your official deadline.
  • The natural thing to do after preparing a plan is to start. There are not tips to help you. Starting a long list of things to do, whether they are study-related, work-related or simply chores is probably the most difficult thing to do. But, the bright side is that once you have found the courage to start, it will get better!
  • One of the ways to make the whole procedure “bearable” is by taking regular breaks. It’ll help you combat fatigue and it is also a little way of rewarding yourself after every piece of work you accomplish.

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Along with these tips, we would like to point out that there are some very important elements for some people, like the atmosphere around them. Be aware of your individual preferences when you work, and when possible, try to recreate that atmosphere to help you be more productive. For instance some people prefer to listen to music while working, others prefer to work in a particular place, others need to eat snacks. Whatever your preference is, as long as it is healthy, it’ll help you get through your day full of duties more easily. Therefore, our dear Speak Up London friends, good luck with your work and remember that with planning and goodwill you can both fight procrastination and do almost anything! 😉


Maria Chiara Strano