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The art of having a plan B

Hey there, Speak Up London friends. Last week’s blog post was about helping you make your career dreams come true by doing a kick-ass interview. This week, we’re reflecting on the fact that sometimes things just don’t end up the way we’d hoped. That’s why today, we’re revealing successful people’s biggest secret: they have a plan B.

Ok, it isn’t a secret, but you’d be amazed to know how many people let their lives be determined by the flow of events. The real difference between these people and the ones that you end up admiring is that the latter know that life is unpredictable. So what’s the best way of beating this unpredictability? Our suggestion is to learn the art of having a plan B.

The first step towards learning the art of having a plan B is not thinking that it’s an excuse to neglect plan A. Focus on your plan A because that’s your main goal, but remember that being aware of having other options will release some of the tension and as a consequence, you might be able to reach your goal more easily.

Rule number two is, be realistic. It doesn’t make sense to formulate a plan B that is much less likely to work out than plan A.
Remember that a backup plan shouldn’t be a consolation prize. You’ll need to spend time and effort working on plan B, so make sure it’s a viable alternative – something you really want. Don’t settle for less.

The last important point to remember is that having a plan B is more a state of mind than an actual strategy. In fact, being open to the idea of changing your plans in reaction to unexpected events is something you should do regularly in your life, because if not you might miss out a lot of unexpected new opportunities. Who knows, you might end up loving plan B more than plan A.