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Super Mario…our favourite everyday hero

Do you remember the countless hours spent playing the game starring the most famous plumber in the world? We bet you do. Whatever your nationality, mother tongue, gender or age, you must have heard of Super Mario, a game loved by millions of people in the world. But why do people love Mario so much?


Mario is loved by millions because he represents the proof that everybody can be a hero. He is an everyday man, who is able to save a princess (let’s just forget for a moment the cliché of the actual saving of the princess), what is more uplifting than that? The inspiration brought to the world by Mario, who in his first appearance was called “jumpman”, grew in the hearts of the players, teaching them to work hard to reach their dreams, that the further we go, the more difficult our path becomes, and that at the end of our quests there is always a prize for our hard-work. Mario is a symbol of positivity and possibility, and this role has been in the minds of people since 1981, when he made his first appearance in Donkey Kong.


Having acknowledged the reason for Mario’s popularity, and on the occasion of Mario Day (March 10…or MAR.10) we would like to point out some interesting facts related to this amazing video game that you might not know:


  1. Mario was not originally a plumber but a carpenter.


  1. Mario played the role of the antagonist in Donkey Kong Jr.


  1. Mario has a nemesis – introduced to us in Super Mario Land 2 – whose name is Wario. Not only is the name visually catching (because of the switching of M and W in the names of the two characters), but also because that name comes from a Japanese word – warui – meaning evil (an additional element of entertainment for the Japanese speaking players!).


  1. Bowser, who is the main antagonist in the Super Mario series, has actually played the role of the good one in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


  1. Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games!


In conclusion, whether you want to save royal princesses named after fruits, or just be the hero of a day, take an example from Mario, the man that taught us that everybody can be a hero. So, dear Speak Up London friends, if you spent your golden years playing this videogame – and especially if you didn’t – we recommend finding some time to play Super Mario, our favourite everyday hero!

Maria Chiara Strano


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