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Folks chilling in the sun.

Location: Brick Lane Market.





Hey, what do you guys usually do during the weekend? Apart from coffee shops, one of London’s best features is the variety of weekend markets; you can find yummy street food, vintages items and flowers. For example, Borough market has delicious food (especially seafood), Columbia Road market has fresh and lovely flowers with many eclectic shops along the same street.








Today we will take you to Brick lane – the large flea market which is located in the East end of London. 







Brick lane is a place that you can never get bored of; you will always find surprises, new stores and amazing graffiti around every corner. The market is different from other markets, it has a unique style with many cool and stylish people which make it impossible not to be infected by its atmosphere. The highlights of the market are the street artists, graffiti, vinyl, diversity of second hand products and vintages items at bargain prices. If you are a big fan of vintage, this is the right place for you to visit.








It was a colourful experience at the Vintage Market.











One of the main features for Brick lane is the graffiti on the walls which gives East London its distinctive appearance. Each scrawl on the wall tells a story and shares the artist’s emotions.  This is the one of the main things which attracts artists and tourists to come to East London, to affect and inspire the unrestricted and free atmosphere in their own special way.







There are lots of second hand products in the market, such as antique cameras and classic furniture.  There is a large range of vintage clothes and accessories for you to choose from making it easy to find something special. My friend always says that when you come to Brick Lane market you can find treasures, but to be honest, you can find both gems and junk.







Apart from the vintage aspect, there is also delicious street food from different countries. They are not delicacies, but you should definitely try something at least since you will surely discover new tastes. In conclusion, Brick Lane is a place which is fun, tasty and distinctive; you can enjoy it with your friends or even by yourself.




One of the typical things you need to do in Brick Lane is to eat the Rainbow Bagel, have you tried this delicious bagel before? You often need to wait in line for a bit, but I promise you that it’s worth it, both for the taste and the photo opportunities.








Location : Kahaila Cafe 

Kahaila Cafe

Address:  135 Brick Ln, London, Tower Hamlets E1 6SB

Kahaila Cafe aims to provide you with simple but generous food, using wholesome produce sourced from local suppliers. – Kahalia Café





This coffee shop is in Brick lane and they are best known for their cakes. It is crowded on Sundays, but it is good to have a moment of rest in this shop after visiting the market.





East London gives people the image of a dirty, rough and poor area of London. But when you talk about East London, it makes me think of sunshine on the graffiti walls and makes me feel creative and free to be myself. Come to East London to explore its many wonders in your own way and escape the weekday routine by wearing fancy sunglasses and bathing in the sunshine between colourful and vibrant streets.



  Brick Lane Market Official

Address:  Shoreditch, London E1 6PU
Opening Hours: Sunday Market 10pm-5pm

Transport:  Underground – Aldgate East station, Liverpool station                       Overground – Shoreditch High Street station





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