[Speak Up LIVE] Friday Picnic In Soho Square

May 9, 2016 Speak Up Life
Speak Up London - English Language School

Hi guys, have you seen our Facebook Live on our Facebook page?

This show includes the activities inside the classroom and outside the classroom, you can see how our students learn English and enjoy the courses at Speak Up London.

You can find more videos on Facebook by using hashtag #SpeakUpLiveatfirstsight, come and have fun with us.

Can you guys feel the summer breeze in London? Linda’s upper intermediate class had a lovely picnic in Soho square.  Linda’s student shared their feelings about Speak Up London, they enjoyed the sunshine, food in and the chilled out vibes.

Check our Live video and enjoy the time with us.

Linda and students chatted and played games and had lots of fun together in Soho square, the weather was perfect for a picnic.

Hey, guys do you see the picture, the cute girl with big eyes in the middle; she is our student- Saya. Saya is from Japan and she was with us for almost a year, when she finished her course and she shared her feeling of Speak Up London with us.

Saya ‘It’s my last day but I still can’t believe it, I spent my time almost a year for this school. At first, I planned only 3 months to study but I’ve extended 2 or 3 times because I love Speak Up London “too much”, everyone is friendly, thoughtful, helpful and so sweet.’

Saya you are so sweet, it was a pleasure to have you as our student at Speak Up London, we hope to see you soon, thanks for your gifts and we wish you all the best.

If you are interested in our English courses and want to join the Speak Up Family, please check our website and feel free to contact us.

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