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Jun 29, 2016 Speak Up Life



#SpeakUpStudents sharing their experiences at school, Speak Up student’s testimonial.


” Learning is the beginning of wealth. learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins. ” -Jim Rohn


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Claudia Vieira

I loved the school, I think it has a very good environment, I met fantastic people. Professor Dominic ? was excellent t teacher, but I was lucky with my next teacher because he was a great teacher, Professor Jay ?.

The speaking classes were also a great help to me because helped me daily on the street like in the commercial centres or supermarkets. The staff people are so friendly, because they helped me whenever I had any doubts. ? In my opinion the localisation is good, because is situated in the center, near of all I needed. I learned a lot, new words, more grammar, I was so sorry to be able to go just 3 times a week. And I loved participate in the competition was good for me.



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Yahya Rabouhat

First of all thanks for everything, I did learn lots of new things. ? ? ?

At first, I was nervous because I came just by agency and I didn’t know much about the school but after a week everything has changed, new life new friends and I met Roberson which is my best mate, also we can say he is my brother. ?

We took this adventure in #SpeakUpLondon together and I do like everything about the school which that is a college where I can study something useful for my career, it is more than a language school. 🙂



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Garareen Green

Hi…I’m Green ?, age 25, I’m from Thailand. For me #SpeakUpLondon is the best English school, I had improved my English skills. ✍?

Teachers are very nice; they always helped and tried to explain something that I didn’t understand. Another good thing is that I enjoyed social programs, such as #SpeakUpFridayDrinks. ?

Above all I made lots of friends at the school; they came from different countries, now we still keep in touch with each other. ✌?️ ✌?️ ✌?️ In this picture, this is a present for my teacher – Jay. ??


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In the heart of London, our independent school has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Students come from all over the world for our high-quality teaching and flexible, affordable courses. Our qualified and dedicated team of teachers deliver a wide range of quality General, Business and Exam preparation courses. We offer private and Skype lessons, and holiday programmes for adults and young learners.

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