Scavenger hunts are not only for kids

May 25, 2017 Lifestyle

Hey there, people. Today’s blog article aims to help you rediscover the little pleasures you had when you were children. We are not speaking about lollypops or swings. What we are speaking about is the ultimate game. It involves mystery, astuteness, team effort and bravery. Wondering what we are talking about? Of course not, since you have already read the title of the article…but just pretend to be surprised for the writing’s sake. The topic of this article is: scavenger hunts!


Yes, dear friends. Despite your days wearing of sporty hats or braids being over, Scavenger hunting might already be an enjoyable way to spend your free time. Well… first of all because it is not only a game for kids. Indeed companies all over the world are using this practice as a team building activity. Scavenger hunters in fact, can benefit a lot from this outdoor/indoor hobby.


Among the benefits that this activity brings those who try it are the following:


  • Playing scavenger hunt improves its players’ cognitive functions. Indeed by playing this game people exercise their problem-solving skills (which is one of the reasons why this game is also really good for kids).
  • Such games are usually useful for the body too. Indeed, since it often involves passing through tortuous routes, scavenger hunts also represent a way to test and exercise the participants’ physical performance.
  • As we revealed in advance, scavenger hunts are beneficial for building relationships. Therefore, if you are looking for bonding sessions to strengthen your friendships, we strongly suggest you to organise one of these playful activities.
  • They are customizable. This means that your scavenger hunts can have different themes, different lengths, difficulties and features. Therefore, you can adapt them to your taste and mood… green light to creativity!


Finally, dear Speak Up London students, since scavenger hunts are fun and beneficial, you might opt for something different this weekend… go and look for some treasure, and remember that the journey is more important than the destination! =D


Maria Chiara Strano

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