Lying. Avoid it, but not always.

Apr 6, 2017 Lifestyle

Have you ever been in that awkward situation when a person you know but don’t really like asks you out? In that situation there are only two ways to behave:


–       You go out with them and pretend to enjoy it…or if you are lucky you just enjoy it.

–       You invent an excuse, or you postpone, making this invitation become one of those coffees that you promise to have with someone but, in truth, never have.


As you can see from this pretty clear image, in situations like these, there are few ways to handle the issue…and, despite this not being exactly ideal, most people, most of the time tend to lie. Not for the sake of not telling the truth, mainly for the desire of not hurting anybody and to escape potentially (and let’s say socially) dangerous situations. So, these so-called “white lies” are what we usually consider essential compromises we make with our conscience to make other people’s life easier…and ours. Of course, our dear Speak Up London friends, this is not an article endorsing lies. This is, instead, an article aiming to state the truth about how this practice represents an aspect present in our lives.


Sometimes, in fact, there are people who lie to make their stories more entertaining, there are people who lie because they want to get away with something they did, and there are people that are so used to lying that they do it for no apparent reason. We don’t intend to point the fingers but we also don’t want to condone this.


You will find researchers stating that lying is good, others stating that lying is bad, and it is not our job to define what is true or not. Though, what we would like to do is to make you aware of the realistic advantages of telling a white lie in a difficult situation and how it could rescue you from something uncomfortable and make you be able to overcome issues. Most importantly we would like to warn you about the negative impact of lying (If you need an example think about what happened to the boy who cried wolf).


If it is true that ‘in medio stat virtus’, the benefits of white lies are very rare. Think about it for a second, if everybody lied all the time, would they be credible for you? We don’t think so. Therefore, dear Speak Up London friends, try to always be honest, but don’t feel uncomfortable if sometimes a little, innocent lie is required. Ironically, the deceiving practice of lying – usually despised by our society -, is sometimes needed.


Maria Chiara Strano



BySpeak Up London

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