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Mar 31, 2016 Travel in London



Interested in coming to London?  Here are some tips from our students to tell you what to do when you come to London for the first time.

Ernest Hemingway said that “Paris is a moveable feast”. For us, London is more than a feast; it is a place full of unexpected treasures where you must speed up your pace to keep up with the city. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and almost half of the residents are non-native people who came here to seek their dreams or to improve their English.




Our students came to London to study English and they give you some tips below for you first visit, taking the tube and also some places to visit.


Holly’s Pre-Intermediate – Tips when coming to London



These are my 5 top tips to people who come to London for the 1st time

  1.  Get an oyster card and make your life easier to get from one place to another.
  2.  Make sure you visit the main landmarks of the city such as the British Museum, Big Ben, London  Eye, and Buckingham Palace.
  3.  Oxford Street is great for shopping and entertaining places.
  4.  For upmarket shopping and dining experiences, go to Knightsbridge and explore Harrods and  surrounding sophisticated restaurants.
  5.  Last but not least, make sure you visit London Zoo.c6f753c1-019b-4d8e-83ce-0943e834bd68


These are my top tips

  1.  The weather in London is unpredictable and you will need to have an umbrella with you at all  times.
  2.  If you want to save money on travel, make sure you buy a travel card, rather than buying tickets  every time you travel.




TOP TIPS – how to survive on London transport

  1.  Buy an Oyster card because travelling in London is very expensive.
  2.  Don’t wear a lot of clothes because the tube is hot and crowded.
  3.  Move fast, people are always in a rush and make sure you are not in their way.
  4.  Remember to stay on the right side of the escalator on the tube, because the left hand side is for  people who want to walk down the stairs.
  5. Make sure you hold on to the rail when travelling by tube.



  1.  You have to get an Oyster card to save money on transport.
  2.  You have to stay on the right side of the escalator when travelling by tube.
  3.  You mustn’t stay between sliding doors on the carriage.
  4.  You must give up your seat for elderly and disabled people.
  5.  You should hold on to the rail if you are standing during your journey.



Thanks to our students for sharing their tips and experiences with us, now we know that getting an oyster card might be the first thing you should do in London!




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