Drama Class

Speaking without tension.
Talk with confidence.

Students won’t be trained to be actors or actresses. It is a drama class for English learners. The aim of this course is to provide students the benefits of doing drama, focusing on three main assets: perfect pronunciation, vocabulary and boost confidence to speak clearly in front of people.
With this course, students will work on a play – reading, rehearsing and presenting it in front of their classmates on a daily basis.

Since the actors’ work is based on repetition, students will build up confidence by getting in contact with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation repeatedly and intensively, in a contextualised form, Therefore, this powerful tool will enable students to build up confidence day by day, little by little, in a supportive and cooperative environment where everyone in the class is striving to do their best and improve their English and confidence speaking skills.

Speaking with confidence is just one part of learning how to project the confidence that will have you succeeding in business.

Join our Drama English Class and feel more confident in English-speaking environments.

Course fee: £80 per / week