Month: May 2016

[Photo Competition] #SpeakUpSelfie


Hey guys, here comes your favourite competition again.

After the #SpeakUpLandmark photo competition, we held the #SpeakUpSelfie photo competition for every class.


The rules were simple: each class had to take a selfie with their teacher, and the class which got most ‘Likes’ won.  The winners got three pizzas, the runners-up two pizzas and the class that came third – one.



Billie’s Intermediate class

Billie’s students are super cute – look at their funny faces! Billie, I like your headscarf, it’s lovely!



Adam’s FCE class

Adam’s FCE class is striking the same pose. Adam! You guys look super professional with Speak Up pens.



Natalia’s High Elementary class

Sweet Natalia with her elementary students and their text books.



Greg’s CAE class

Greg’s CAE students are so cool – your faces are saying “We’ll definitely pass the exam so give us pizza!”.



Nina’s Advanced class 

Nina’s advanced class took the photo with a huge pizza in the background. Love your stylish hats guys!



Jay’s Pre-intermediate class

Jay’s pre-intermediate class. Guys, you look like you’re having fun, but what are you doing with the window?



Holly’s Intermediate class

Oh, Holly, you guys are so cute with those sunglasses and hats. It looks like you’re having a party. What’s your favourite costume?



Chris’s intermediate class

Chris’s intermediate class, but… Chris, where are you?



Linda’s Upper intermediate class

Linda’s upper intermediate class, you guys look like zombies saying “Give us the pizza!!”.



Ellie’s FCE class

Ellie, your class is super cool, looks like a pyramid. How did you do that?



Greg’s IELTS class

Wow, Greg, if you’re a chef, please make us some delicious pizzas, please!



Jenna’s Elementary class

Jenna’s cute elementary class. Love your smile!



Adam’s Intermediate class 

Adam’s intermediate class, the best class ever, indeed.



Nina’s Upper intermediate class

Nina’s upper intermediate class, love your moustaches and hearts!



Holly’s Pre intermediate class

Holly!  You guys are creative. The selfie stick helped, didn’t it?




Finally, here are the winners! You guys deserve it.

1st Nina’s advanced class 



2nd Holly’s intermediate class   



3rd Jenna’s Elementary class


Hope you guys enjoyed your pizzas and hope everyone enjoyed the competition; we’re looking forward to seeing your photos next time!


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[English Idioms] Cost me an arm and a leg?

Hello guys, do you know we start a new section on English Tips? We upload the idioms twice a week. You can check the hash tag #SpeakUpLondonChannel both on Facebook and Instagram to find out more English tips.

Do you know what idioms are? An idiom is a group of words with a particular meaning which does not relate to the literal meanings of the words.





Whatever floats your boat

: Do whatever makes you happy or stimulates you, do what brings you joy.

For example

It’s your birthday, choose a restaurant or anything, do whatever floats your boat.

She is not in a good mood today, so let her do whatever floats her boat.   

BBC –Whatever floats your boat.






An arm and a leg

: Very expensive or costly, a large amount of money.   

For example

I bought a new computer, the new Mac book cost me an arm and a leg.

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for your new bag.






Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

: Do not put all your resources in one possibility; don’t pull all the risk into one thing.

For example

Balance your investment; don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spared it into stocks, mutual funds and bonds.






Cut a long story short.

: Get to the point, leave out details.

For example

To cut the long story short, we didn’t go to the party last night.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we need your help now for our event.






The ball is in your court.

: It is up to you to make the next decision or step; to be someone else’s move, play or turn.

For example

We gave him a reasonable offer, so the ball is in his court now.



Do you guys like to use idioms when you speak English? Using idioms will make you sounds more like native speaker; and sometimes you can express your thoughts clearly by using idioms.


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[Travel in London] Tap Coffee No.193



“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

– Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes


Guys, fancy a cup of coffee? One of London’s features is that there are many nice coffee shops.

Apart from the chain coffee stores, there are many charming coffee shops with amazing coffee, special desserts and a lovely atmosphere.

For me, I need to have coffee every day in the morning, or I will feel tired all day, I might be kind of addicted to coffee. Therefore, I like to explore different coffee shops in London.

Have you guys ever been to “Tap Coffee”?


There are three coffee shops in London

No. 26 Rathbone Place

No. 114 Tottenham Court Road

No.193  Wardour Street




Today we are going to introduce Tap Coffee No.193, the one on Wardour Street. A lovely coffee shop, it is a nice place for you to take a rest in the afternoon at the weekend, with the warmth of the yellow light bulbs and the sunshine spreads into the shop.




In the coffee shop, the sound of the making of the coffee and the smell of the coffee are totally perfect for a relaxing moment, just chilling and without doing anything; it will make your day.  I like the wood table and floor of this coffee shop, the texture looks beautiful and warm, and it also matches the wall which is light yellow.

Some customers are using their laptop, some reading books or just chatting with friends. A coffee shop is always an inspiring place for me to think about your weekdays or just refresh your mind.  It is always good to sit down and do nothing, don’t you think?




From Tap coffee   #Setting

To us, a shop is more than just four walls. It’s a social context, a set in which people make things happens, and London has never failed to provide the script.




You can have your coffee inside the shop or take it away; also they do serve sandwiches, salad and cakes at reasonable prices.

When you order coffee inside the shop, they will give you a small bottle with a card inside, and they will serve your coffee later. They also serve bread and cakes as well, and they are totally perfect for the coffee.




What is your favourite coffee? We ordered a latte and a flat white; it was great with the apple croissant and chocolate brownie, the apple croissant had crunchy pastry and with diced apples inside. What a wonderful Saturday afternoon teatime!




Tap coffee also sell coffee and coffee pots in the store or online, you can make nice coffee at home and there is a variety of coffee flavour for you to choose and enjoy.




Do you guys want to try “Tap coffee”? I would like to go to their other two stores; my friend said it was nice as well with the different decorating of the stores.  Why don’t we explore London’s coffee shops together?


“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” 

– Louisa May Alcott, Little Women    

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Tap Coffee No.193 

Wardour Street, W1F 8ZF

Mon-Fri: 8 am-7 pm / Sat: 10 am-6 pm / Sun: 11 am-6 pm


Tap Coffee Twitter

Tap Coffee Instagram


Finally, their Instagram is something you should check out as the photos make their coffee look so adorable.



You can also find Speak Up London on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





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[Speak Up LIVE] Friday Picnic In Soho Square

Hi guys, have you seen our Facebook Live on our Facebook page?

This show includes the activities inside the classroom and outside the classroom, you can see how our students learn English and enjoy the courses at Speak Up London.

You can find more videos on Facebook by using hashtag #SpeakUpLiveatfirstsight, come and have fun with us.

Can you guys feel the summer breeze in London? Linda’s upper intermediate class had a lovely picnic in Soho square.  Linda’s student shared their feelings about Speak Up London, they enjoyed the sunshine, food in and the chilled out vibes.

Check our Live video and enjoy the time with us.

Linda and students chatted and played games and had lots of fun together in Soho square, the weather was perfect for a picnic.

Hey, guys do you see the picture, the cute girl with big eyes in the middle; she is our student- Saya. Saya is from Japan and she was with us for almost a year, when she finished her course and she shared her feeling of Speak Up London with us.

Saya ‘It’s my last day but I still can’t believe it, I spent my time almost a year for this school. At first, I planned only 3 months to study but I’ve extended 2 or 3 times because I love Speak Up London “too much”, everyone is friendly, thoughtful, helpful and so sweet.’

Saya you are so sweet, it was a pleasure to have you as our student at Speak Up London, we hope to see you soon, thanks for your gifts and we wish you all the best.

If you are interested in our English courses and want to join the Speak Up Family, please check our website and feel free to contact us.