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Hey guys and girls, we have finally entered October, and you know what that means, stepping on crunchy dry leaves, wearing big heavy coats, but most importantly… Halloween! So, seeing as it is a new month, we thought that we would come back with more English Tips, this time teaching you all about idioms.

Have you ever heard someone say a phrase and it didn’t make sense to you? Phrases such as, “the grass is greener on the other side”. Well, these phrases are referred to as idioms. What are idioms you may ask?

Well, an idiom is a sentence which has another meaning, than the meaning intended. For example, “the grass is greener on the other side”, simply means, the situation is better somewhere else. Here are some more examples of idioms used every day.




1.) A piece of cake. 

You have probably heard this idiom before, you may have even used it yourself, what this simply means is that something is very easy.

For example:

“I just passed my English exam; it was a piece of cake.”






2.) I’m all ears.

“I’m all ears” is an idiom that means that you have given someone your full and undivided attention. You are attentive and listening to them very closely.

For Example:

My mother wanted to speak to me about my younger brother’s surprise birthday party, I was all ears.






3.) Get cold feet.

You usually use the idiom “get cold feet”, when someone has suddenly become too frightened to do something that they had originally planned to do. This term is especially used for something important like getting married.

For example: Jennifer left Tom at the altar because she got cold feet.






4.) Cross your fingers.

Crossing your fingers is something that is both said and done, when you want good luck or you hope for something very much.

For Example:

Sam is getting his exam results back today, fingers crossed he does really well.






5.) Slipped my mind.

Slipped my mind is a very commonly used idiom; it simply means that you have forgotten something, or forgotten an important task that you had to do.

For Example:

I was supposed to buy some groceries after work, it completely slipped my mind.


Let us know if you have used any of these idioms before, or if you will use them.





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